How Peer Code Review Helps in Improving Software Quality?

How Peer Code Review Helps in Improving Software QualityIn a recently conducted conference on Embedded Systems in Boston, the major takeaway was related to embedded software space and peer code review. Though such conferences take place every year and are attended by development teams across the industry, the focus remains on improving the quality of the embedded systems. This year was no different; however, the most eminent consideration was related to code review.

Today everyone is aware about the importance and value a code review holds. But, it is still not being practiced by everyone.

Code reviews are not practiced by developers on a regular basis

It was revealed that developers are not into a practice of performing code reviews on a regular basis. This is something that is not new to this industry. However, even if it’s happening, it is typically in an isolated environment, like a conference room. Such situations lead to loss of information, as the important points required for editing the code often look illogical, if shuffled across mails and notes.

It has been said over and over again that the prime focus of any software team remains the code quality. However, the specifications might vary depending upon the organization. But, code quality remains imperative in any of the cases.

The responses received from the attendees were not surprising, as everyone knew the role of code reviewing during the development cycle. However, the approach towards code reviewing has been shocking though. As compared to the highlighted points in the 2014 conference, nothing has been improved, especially the internal process. According to a survey, the main reason of this ignorance remains the organizational barriers.

Early defect detection leads to better product quality    

Peer code review has been proven to be effective in finding and fixing mistakes that are overlooked in the initial phases of development. Moreover, if properly practiced, would help in catching bugs earlier and more often. By tracing the bugs before it reaches the QA team, you can significantly cut down the cost.

As the peer code reviews are being practiced by developers, some of its additional advantages are highlighted by many developers across the industry. Since earlier bug detection is always expedient, adopting some best practices and promoting participation within the team will give some added benefits.

In the software industry, you have an opportunity to update a bug using the software. However, it’s extremely challenging to rectify a defect in the embedded software space after a release. Therefore, you must try to get the job right at the first attempt. Peer code review helps in enhancing the quality of a software application, especially in the case of embedded software space.

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