How Similar are Automation and Robotics?

Depending on the business needs a business owner can decide whether automation or robotics is ideal for his business needs. Some factors which might play a decisive role include whether there are more humans involved in the current role is there any bottleneck, and are the tasks physical or virtual.

You can consider using automation if there are few tasks that are repetitive. However, if the tasks are physical, you can go for robotics. So, what’s the difference between automation and robotics?

Automation – This is used to replace human efforts using software, machine, or technology. However, there are different types of automation depending on the need.

Robotics – Robotics include multiple factors to design, build, and program using robotic machines.

There are a few crossovers between the two where robots can be used to automate various physical tasks. However, one should keep in mind that automation is not related to physical robots and robotics has nothing to do with automation.

Let us have a close look at different terminologies.


With the increasing demand for automation, business process automation, robotic process automation, and adaptive automation are all over the place.

This uses software to carry out task done by humans using computer programs. For example, GUI test automation. Some types of software automation include:


Industrial automation comes in picture when we talk about both automation and robotics. It involves control system and machines to automate tasks within an industrial process.



Using robots you can carry series of action automatically with the help of programmable machines. This makes them more flexible and can interact with the physical world with the help of sensors and actuators. So, anything that involves robots is robotics.


Robotic Process Automation (RPA) has changed the way companies offer their services by allowing users to ease, accelerate, and improve the accuracy of manual and repetitive tasks. Robotic process automation is more than a testing tool. There are various tools available that enable software teams to build and execute automated tests. However, these tools are exclusively designed for testing and nothing else. Robotic process automation (RPA) tools have taken the concept of test automation tool to the next level, allowing people to build complex and rules-driven business processes with little software development skills.


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