How to Automate Mobile Application testing Using Selenium Appium?

Appium is an open source test automation framework that uses the WebDriver JSON wire protocol to test iOS and Android applications.

You can use the Selenium Appium Automation for mobile application testing using the steps given below.

1. Go to and download the Appium framework and sample files, as shown below.

How to Automate Mobile Application testing Using Selenium Appium

2. Unzip the downloaded files.

3. Download and setup Android-SDK file on your PC.

4. In the Android-SDK framework, use the AVD manager application to create a “Default” Android Virtual Device.

5. Run Eclipse.

6. From the unzipped folder, import the Java->JUnit sample code, as shown in the below images.



7. You will see the imported Java project structure, as shown below.


8. Execute the Appium.exe file present in the unzipped folder , as shown below.


9. This will launch the Appium server window, as shown below.


10. You can change the file as required.

11. Run the Java class as JUnitTest, as shown below.


12. You will find that the test has passed.


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