How to Become an Expert in Video Game Testing?

How to Become an Expert in Video Game TestingBeing a tester is always fun, especially when you are performing video game testing. Many of us are addicted to some or the other video games and we do enjoy getting involved in such games. So, what if you get paid for something you enjoy doing the most? Isn’t it interesting?

This is something that is possible if you have the love and passion for video games and you are into the software testing industry. Over the years, the gaming industry has evolved to most interactive, faster, and feature-rich games. This has increased the need for a good gaming tester.

Video Game Testing 

Video game testing plays a vital role in overall development of video game. Testing begins from the early alpha phase and ends with end-to-end testing, ensuring a hassle free user experience. It’s similar to testing any other software application to find defects and bugs. However, it’s not as simple as it sounds. It involves proper planning, time, and structural approach. A good game tester must have the ability to think out-of-the box and should remain focused on his work.

Qualities of a Skilled Video Game Tester

There are a number of qualities of an excellent video game tester. The following are the fundamental skills that must be present in a good video game tester.

A prior knowledge in gaming has been always an added advantage.  A successful game tester knows about the fundamentals of hardware component and has the expertise in playing different types of video games, including arcades, puzzle games, online games, console games, etc.

You need to continue giving attention to details even if you feel bored after a certain level of testing. You can try testing beta versions of the new games, which can help enhance your testing skills.

Bug detection and documentation skills ease the job of the development team to fix them. You should be good at creating bug report, so that you can explain it in detail to the development team who can then replicate and fix those bugs. Again, you can use the beta versions of the games to find defects.

Communication is the key to get rid of any misunderstanding with the development team and fellow testers.  Good verbal and written communication skills keep the developers and fellow testers updated on the tracked bugs and issues.

In addition to technical skills, good soft skills give an edge.  Being a team player and good attitude is a big plus, especially in crunch situations.

Note: Over the years, the video game testing industry has been criticized for being exhaustive. However, if you are passionate about it, there is nothing that can stop you. You need to realize that video game testing is a serious job and requires your skills to be enhanced accordingly.

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