How to Create Projects While Working on Eclipse IDE?

Eclipse caters the need to create a customized development environment (IDE) from plug-in components. It is the most widely used Java-based open source platform.

Creating a Project

  1. Launch Eclipse IDE.
  2. A Welcome screen is displayed as shown below. It appears while opening the application for the first time. However, you can close the ‘Welcome’ screen.image001
  3. Once you will close the window, you will see the following screen. Ensure that the panes are displayed.image003
  4. Click File->New->Project as shown below.image005
  5. The ‘New Project’ dialog box will appear with ‘Select a wizard’ option.image007
  6. Scroll down and expand the Java folder. Double-click ‘Java Project’.image009
  7. It will display the ‘New Java Project’ dialog box.image011
  8. Provide a project name in the ‘New Java Project’ dialog box.image013
  9. Go to the ‘JRE’ column and select ‘Use a project specific jre’ option. From the dropdown filed, choose any version.image015

Note:  You have to select the Java version every time you create a project.

  1. Click ‘Finish’.
  2. ‘Open Associated Perspective’ dialog box is displayed.image017
  3. Click ‘Yes’.
  4. A ‘New Project’ gets created under the package explorer pane.image019


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