How to do Load testing

Performance Testing:

Performance Testing helps to understand:

Types of Performance testing:

  1. Load testing
  2. Stress testing
  3. Capacity testing
  4. Endurance testing
  5. Spike testing
  6. Volume testing

Load Testing:

Starting with Load testing:

A) First and foremost, it is important to know the infrastructure used. Some of the important points worth knowing are –

The Application’s communication protocol as it helps to narrow down the tool that will be used for load test

Next, we need to know the technology used for developing the application – PHP, java, etc. Additionally, the DB used – Sql server, Oracle, mysql, postgresql, etc.

The Application/Web servers used – Tomcat, IIS Server, Jboss, Weblogic etc

Other components that are used like load balancer, mongoDb, solr search, etc

Any captcha used in any of the workflow. If yes, then we need to get it disabled in the testing Environment.

B) Next comes the selection of tool:

C) After tool is selected, we start with the identification of user workflows that we need to automate for our load testing.

D) Monitoring of servers:

E) Reporting:

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