How to Ensure End-to-End Performance of your E-Commerce Website?

How to Ensure End-to-End Performance of your E-Commerce Website?

Most eCommerce websites have extensive set of features including product catalogs, customer information, shopping carts, payment gateways, and more. In order to ensure a hassle free user experience, there are a lot of things that needs to be taken care of. Some of the common issues one might face being an owner of an eCommerce website, are discussed below.

This requires you to perform end-to-end testing on your eCommerce website. End-to-End testing caters the need to test your website across different modules. It includes usability testing, performance testing, and verifying look and feel of the web site.

To ensure end-to-end performance testing, there are four critical areas.

Business Logic Test

Business logic forms the base of an eCommerce application. The efficiency of any application at the business level is determined by such rules. Business logic must be tested for their reliability. Business rules include the following:

Front-End Test

A seamless experience for users while buying any product can be guaranteed by testing the functional front-ends. Testing front-ends include verifying visual elements, usability, and accessibility across multiple platforms. Front-End testing includes the following:

Back-End Test

Back-End includes business critical data, schema, and processes, which can become a bottleneck in its performance. So, in order to avoid technical glitches and complexities, back-end testing must be considered. Back-End testing includes the following:

Middleware and Integration Layer Testing

Integration plays a key role in the overall functioning of an eCommerce website. There are different integrations running on different platforms and supports website information delivery. Hence, it is required to test such integrations and middleware layers. Middleware and Integration Layer testing includes the following:

Websites being the gateway to your business, it is essential to check key aspects like network, technology, tools, etc., which can value your efforts and help providing the right buying experience.

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