How to Ensure High-Quality Open Source Components?

Today’s modern application uses a lot of open source software components.  Open source software (OSS) has comparatively more diverse potential as they are built on public collaborative platforms. In fact, most of the proprietary software uses the OSS components.

However, there might be a chance that not everyone in your company will be comfortable with this concept, including the CSO. This is to some extent understood as they are not secure to be running in a production environment. Today’s developers are mostly reliant on open-source libraries as 80% of the modern JavaScript application uses open-source libraries. Moreover, JavaScript has around 4,00,000 components which are downloaded 10 billion times annually. The libraries are almost secure. However, many OSS components have vulnerabilities. Y

You can use some of the best industry practices to ensure the open source software is free from vulnerability. Some of the best-known industry standard practices that can be used for security are mentioned below.

Open source performance testing has been much in demand because of its low cost. Open source automation tools for testing are used for load tests, standardization, and development acceleration. Easy availability of automated testing open source tools have almost upstaged their commercial counterparts, and open source testing software that comes with competitive features and without licensing costs provide a proficient way to test the performance of applications in a real environment.

360logica open source performance testing team is proficient to investigate, analyze, and handle the delivery output of all types of software and hardware to ensure that they completely meet the set performance parameters. Nowadays clients switch over to performance testing open source tools as soon as the stable manual testing is reached. We facilitate this transfer and ensure that performance testing open source tools is fully incorporated in their process to give accurate load test results and help diagnose the potential limits. Our experts are adept in using open source automation tools for testing of all types, such as functional, performance, regression, and Web. They use different automated testing open source tools for White Box and Black Box testing. We make sure that applications work reliably under simultaneous user loads by using mature open source testing software.


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