How to Ensure Successful Testing by Prioritizing Test Planning?

TestPlanTest planning is a key part of software testing irrespective of the project size. A proper test plan inline all project goals with schedule and includes requirement, features to be tested and not to be tested, testing approach, and more.

Test plan can be created in a single document that will include schedule, budget, and client requirements. However, test planning must not be arbitrary. Test planning can be made more strategic by prioritizing things.

Team Based Approach

Risk analysis is often conducted in an unstructured way by many testers. The best way to start a test cycle is to understand customer priorities, features that are more prone to failures, and changes in the build. In order to better analyze the risk, try people from other teams or even conduct a meeting compromising business analyst, a CS representative, and developers. Having other viewpoints can have the best insight to the system being tested.

Test Planning with client’s concern

You can prioritize the test planning based on the concerns client has. It could be in the form of emails, recorded calls, developers input, or direct communication with the concerned person. Try to visualize and cover all client concerns as they come. During the teat planning phase, you can document all the concerns at a single place.

 Discovery Process

A well designed test plan must include the previous documentation of the project with an initial discovery process. There are cases where there could be no documentation; however, you must ensure to track the discovery process, irrespective of how much you know prior to that. Your recording must be easily sharable with the testing team. Mind mapping techniques can be used to map different features, functions, and record video/audio.

Mind Maps

Mind maps are the best way to track client concerns and understand the product. This is as simple as might have created one in your school days. By connecting various features and elements and forming a relationship between them, you can organize any kind of work in a visual way.  Moreover, it is very easy to assign individual testing tasks from the outline of a product.

Some of the strategies that can be followed are mentioned below.




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