How to Get the Right Testing Tool to Ensure Quality Software?

123rf-10280414_sIt’s always better to invest in the right testing tool and framework. A right testing tool not only ensures higher ROI, but also helps achieve multiple objectives. With the advancement in technology and arising loopholes, testing needs to be redefined every moment, which brings in the need of having a comprehensive testing tool to ensure quality release of business critical applications.

An adept testing tool can ease out many of the key activities of a tester. Some of them are mentioned below.

In the recent past, there is a paradigm shift in the overall importance of testing in the software development life cycle, which reinforces the application for testing earlier in the development process.

With the focus on delivering quality product, methodologies like Agile, DevOps, Shift-left approach, etc. encourages continuous testing right through the development. Before discussing the factors for choosing the right testing tool, let’s know the reasons for investing in a testing tool.

Based on the activities a tool is supposed to do, they can be categorized accordingly. The categorization can vary depending upon the changing requirements. For example, you can find a range of licensed and open source tool for diverse and increased testing challenges.

With the rise and expansion of agile models and application testing, there would be a continuous need for open source testing tools in the overall software development process.

Though there are different types of testing tools, including Test Management Tools, Static Testing Tools, Test Execution Tools, Performance Testing Tools, and Security Testing Tools; there are a few questions that you need to answer to decide on the type of testing tool you want to use.

  1. What you want to achieve from the tool?
  2. From where are you getting the tool?
  3. How established is the tool?
  4. How much training is required on the tool?
  5. Is there a Proof of Concept (PoC)?
  6. How the other tools in the market are?

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