How to Install TestNG in Eclipse?

1. Install and open Eclipse.

2. Locate ‘Help’ option on the menu bar and click it.

3. Select the option ‘Install New Software’, as shown below.

How to Install TestNG in Eclipse

4. Click the ‘Add’ button on the appeared installation box.


5. You will see an ‘Add Repository’ dialog box, where you need to provide the Name and Location.

6. Type ‘TestNG’ in the Name field and ‘’ in the Location field, as shown below.


7. Click OK.

8. The given URL will be populated on the “Work with” field, as shown below.


9. Check the box next to TestNG and click ‘Next’.

Note: If you are working with the latest version of Eclipse, you might get a question mark icon instead of checkbox.

10. Keep clicking ‘Next’ until you reach a License Agreement dialog box.

11. Accept the license agreement and click ‘Finish’.


12. This will begin the installation process. Wait until it gets finished.


13. In case you get a security warning pop-up, click OK. Else, skip this step.


14. You will get a ‘Software Updates’ dialog box prompting you to restart Eclipse. Click ‘Yes’.


15. Once your Eclipse has been restarted, you can see TestNG has been successfully installed. For this, click Window->Preferences and you can see TestNG included in the list.

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