How to Integrate Ranorex Test cases into JIRA?

JIRA caters the need to submit issues automatically using the JiraRestClient and RestSharp. These libraries help in forming re-usable modules. You can integrate these modules into Ranorex test automation as described below.

  1. Add libraries from the predefined modules to the Ranorex project. These modules will appear in the module browser under ‘JiraReporter’ project, as shown below.

How to Integrate Ranorex Test cases into JIRA

2. The ‘JiraReporter’ project has individual modules, which are hardly used within the Ranorex test suite.\


Depending upon the results of the test cases, these modules will interact with JIRA. The available modules for JIRA include the following:

3. Configure parameters for the modules with common Ranorex data binding.

image004Here, each module accepts different parameters. However, they are used similarly between the modules. Some of them are mentioned below.

4. Once you execute a module, Ranorex will automatically interact with JIRA. This will process the issues in JIRA, as shown below.


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