How to Manage and Assign Roles to Generate Build Reports in Jenkins?

Jenkins allows administrators to manage various security roles with the help of Role Strategy Plugin. This allows implementing role-based strategies and simplifies user management.Role Strategy Plugin

Manage and Assign Roles

Permissions related to Job, Run, View, SCM, etc. can be set by creating global roles, like admin, anonymous, etc.

Job Permission

You can also assign earlier created roles to users.

Created Roles

Once you login as a user, it will display all the jobs belonging to you as a user.

User Jobs

Thereafter, you can create a new job by adding a new build to the system, as shown below.

Creating a new job

Then, add the repository URL of the application source.Repository URL

Now, you need to get the ‘Record Emma coverage report’ option under post-build steps. This can be done by adding emma plugin to .jenkins/plugins directory.emma plugin Record Emma coverage report

Once you trigger the build, it will first verify the work space in .jenkins directory.

The generated test coverage report by Jenkins would be something like this.

Generated Report


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