How to Open a GitHub Project Using Visual Studio?

You can easily download any project from GitHub and import to Visual studio, especially the version coded in VS 2015. However, you might require a few extra steps if you are using some other version. For example, you can follow the steps mentioned below.

1. Open the URL

2. Search the project “LightPomFrameworkTutorial”.

3. Click the “Download ZIP” button on the bottom right of the page.

How to Open a GitHub Project Using Visual Studio

4. Extract the .zip file at a desired location.

5. Open Visual Studio 2015 as an administrator, as shown below.

Visual Studio 2015

6. Open the solution as shown below.


7. Click ‘OK’ on the ‘Security Warning for Framework’ dialog box.


8. This will open the Solution Explorer, as shown below.


9. Build the solution. This will make Visual Studio to download all the Nuget packages.


10. You will get the output after a successful build.

11. Now, if you will run the test you will get an error saying that the path you have chosen to download the driver does not exist. However, this is quite obvious.

Since, the version can change; it is not a good idea to commit them to Source Control. This will result in 2 versions of the executable in the project if you update, which is not good. Moreover, we don’t prefer to commit Nuget package.dlls to Source Control because of the same reason.


12. You can download the latest version of ChromeDriver depending on your OS.

13. Unzip the file and move the chromedriver.exe file into the framework Drivers folder. Now, you can use them for testing.

14. Rerun the failed test. You will see test will run without any error. This will ensure that the framework has been set up successfully.

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