How to Optimize APIs with Training and Certification?

How to Optimize APIs with Training and Certification?With the advancement of Service Oriented Architecture, APIs have become a valuable resource. The services underlying such APIs support inter applications, external users, and systems. Over the years, they have become a vital software asset and are now being used a key differentiating factor in the market.

Optimized APIs with Quality Assurance

Gone are the days, when APIs used to be published without thorough testing. With the growing competition in the market, the onus lies with the software development organization to produce optimized and enhanced APIs. Therefore, the most vital part remains the quality assurance process.

The quality assurance process for an API incorporates functional tests to performance, load, security, etc., and involves various inspections. The liability to perform API testing is assigned to developers, QA teams, and even DevOps personnel across multiple distinct constituencies. With the advancement in APIs, the complexity and importance of APIs have increased drastically in the recent times. Being too big, it doesn’t allow ad hoc manual testing.

Luckily, there are a number of tools available to evaluate the quality of an API. Over the years, the qualities of such APIs have improved. With the API like ‘Ready’, you can get all you can expect from a modern testing platform. It offers multiple functionalities and supports the complete API quality assurance process.

Time allocation for API tool training

It’s always handy to be trained on any advanced technology, especially in the case of API ‘Ready’. By getting trained, you can make the maximum out of the software tooling investment. This in turn proves to be useful in withstanding the challenges of a production environment and holds a better chance for successful deployment.

In spite of the challenges faced in the modern software development environment, like limited resources, high expectations, tight schedules, etc., training is very essential. Training is considered effective as compared to other experiments like trial and error. In order to further boost the learning experience, you can try matching the client’s requirements with private customized classes.

Building the pillar of software testing skills

It requires you to go through the detailed product training, so that you can utilize the platform to construct the base of software testing skills. Certification is an additional validation, especially when the organization gains from it as a part of the training program.

Certification has the following advantages from a developer/QA point of view.

The employer has the following advantages.


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