How to Perform Distributed Testing Using JMeter?

distribution_testing_jmeterDistributed testing uses multiple systems to perform stress testing.  Distributed Testing can be used for testing server applications and web sites, especially when they deal with multiple clients simultaneously. This uses the client-server model. The client-server model includes:


System Configuration

  1. Execute the”jmeter-server.bat” file by going to the jmeter/bin directory on the slave systems.
  2. Assume the IP address of the slave machine as: 168.0.10
  3. Edit the file by going to the /bin directory on the master systems.

Run the Test

  1. Run JMeter GUI on the master machine and open the test plan.
  2. From the Menu bar, click Run. SelectRemote start -> select the IP address of the slave machine


In case you are unable to run the test from machine, you can ask the owner of the slave machine to run the jmeter-server.bat file.





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