How to Record and Playback Using Unified Functional Testing (UFT) Tool?

By recording a test, you can replicate various user actions. By doing so, you can make UFT to generate the scripts, which can be played back. In order to use the Record and Playback option in UFT tool, you need to follow the following steps.

  1. Go to the Start Page and click ‘New’ test, as shown below.image001
  2. A new test window opens. You need to select the test type. Here, select ‘GUI Test’ and fill the below fields with name and location.image003
  3. The new test screen will pop up once it is created. You will see a tab that is created with 1 action by default. Click on ‘Action 1’ tab.image005
  4. Click ‘Record’ and select ‘Record and Run Settings’ as shown below.image007
  5. From the Record and Run Settings dialog box, you can select applications based on Web, Java, or Windows.image009
  6. As you click the Record button, the Internet Explorer will open up with the given web address. Under ‘Algebra’, click ‘Numbers’ link and provide a number, then hit ‘calculate’. Once the action is completed, go to the record panel and click ‘Stop’. The following script will be generated.image011
  7. Click ‘Playback’ button to playback the script.image013
  8. The result window will show the execution time stamp, pass, and failed steps.image014

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