How to Report an Issue with Mantis Bug Tracking Tool?

Mantis Bug Tracking

Mantis caters the need to track bugs for different software projects. It is free, open source software that can be easily downloaded and installed for bug tracking needs. In addition, you can perform a number of functions, including:

Reporting an Issue
  1. Login to Mantis.Login
  2. Once you login, click ‘Report Issue’ to report an issue into the Mantis.Report Issue
  1. Add the details, like Bug category, Severity, Priority, Reproducibility, Platform Details, Summary, Description, etc. as shown below .

Add details

Note: The fields might differ in the different version of Mantis. 

  1. After clicking on ‘Submit Report’, you will see the report on the main window. Click ‘View Issues’ to see the status and the date on which it was created.

Submit Report 

  1. Mantis uses different color codes to highlight the status of an issue. For example, an acknowledged issue is highlighted in orange, as shown below.Issue Acknowledged
  1. Clicking on the ID will give more details, like last update date, submission date, project reporter, etc.Details
  2. Moreover, you can add a file, document, images, and comments to your bug.
  3. The tool also allows viewing history of the issue.
  4. Once you submit the issue, the developer will receive an email something like this.Email



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