How to Run Appium Test in USB Debugging Mode?

You can run the Android application test using Appium by connecting android device in the debugging mode. So, in order to do that you need to first enable the USB debugging mode and connect it with your PC.

Configure Appium in Windows

First, enable the developer option in android device to access USB debugging mode. You can enable the developer option by going to Settings. Ensure ‘Developer Option’ is visible, else follow the below steps.

  1. Go to Settings and tap on ‘About Phone’.
  2. Scroll down to check ‘Build number’ option. Start tapping the ‘Build number’ option. After 3 tap you will see the following screen.image001
  3. After tapping 7 times, you will get the following screen.image003
Connect the Device and Start USB Debugging Mode

Note: Disable the USB debugging mode once you are done with it, else there will always be a security risk as it allows high-level access to your device.

  1. Connect your device with USB cable and go to Settings->Developer options.
  2. Check USB debugging option with check box. Click ‘OK’.
  3. This will enable USB debugging mode.
Verify the Connected Device
  1. Open command prompt.
  2. Run command “adb devices”.image005
  3. This will show a list of connected devices with your PC. If not displayed, there is some issue with device connection or USB debugging is not enabled.








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One thought on “How to Run Appium Test in USB Debugging Mode?

  1. Hello,
    Thanks for the information about Debugging Modes. I have got some more information about this can you please check this once.

    Appium, is more over an open-source tool for mobile web, and hybrid applications on iOS and Android platforms. Eminently, Appium is a cross-platform, because it allows the test to happen on multiple platforms effectively.
    Appium testing is categorized into three basic stages, in order to obtain genuine results. TestOrigen, also is determined to achieve comprehensive Appium Testing, and provide clients with Satisfactory results.

    Configuration of the windows, is the very first step in Appium Testing, this where, the developer authorizes the options in devices, hence corroborating that the option of developer is visible. Also, by going to the settings and tapping on ‘about phone’, to scroll down, in order to check the number of builds involved in configuring the windows, will provide fruitful testing. Connecting of the device, to start USB Debugging mode, is the second step involved in the testing. As, by Connecting USB cable to go through the settings showing the option of the developer, will enable the USB debugging mode, simply by clicking ‘OK’ on USB Debugging option. Verification of the connected device, is the last step involved in this Testing, as by opening and running of the command, will display the list of devices that are connected with the PC.

    Hence, these key steps will help in generating effective and composed results for USB Debugging through Appium Testing.

    Sarah John.

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