How to Test Application Security – Web and Desktop Application Security Testing Techniques

Identity is one of the most popular challenges applications face today. Almost every application has to know who it is talking to and needs to do something about it. Unfortunately we know that identity is poorly handled, as Identity theft is one of the world’s greatest problems today.

Security is the important aspect required in each application. Security means that authorized access is granted to protected data and unauthorized access is restricted. These days, websites are not meant only for publicity or marketing but these have been evolved into the stronger tools to cater complete business needs. Web based Payroll systems, Shopping Malls, Banking, Stock Trade application are not only being used by organizations but are also being sold as products today.

This means that online applications have gained the trust of customers and users regarding their vital feature named as SECURITY. No doubt, the security factor is of primary value for desktop applications too. However, when we talk about web, importance of security increases exponentially. If an online system cannot protect the transaction data, no one will ever think of using it. Security is neither a word in search of its definition yet, nor is it a subtle concept. However, I would like to list some complements of security.

Security Testing include two major aspects; first is protection of data and second one is access to that data. Moreover, whether the application is desktop or web based, security revolves around the two aforementioned aspects.

Desktop and Web Security Testing:

A desktop application should be secure not only regarding its access but also with respect to organization and storage of its data. Similarly, a web application demands even more security with respect to its access, along with data protection. The Web made everything open which was great for business, but with everything good comes something bad. In this case, we got the hackers. Secondly, even developers, who were trained in security and really understand security issues, suffer from lack of time. Most developers are extremely busy and under a time crunch to get the applications out in time. They don’t have time to even do unit testing, forget about security testing.


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