How to Use JRE System Library in Eclipse IDE?

JRE System Library gets automatically added once Java Projects are created. Any Java program written in eclipse IDE can access predefined Java function because of a JRE system library. Eclipse IDE support program written in different programming language. However, you just need to find the library files of that language and import in Eclipse IDE.

The location where JRE library is exactly added can be traced using the following steps:

  1. After launching Eclipse IDE, right-click on a Java project and select ‘Properties’ option as shown below:image001
  2. Select ‘Java Build Path’ from ‘Properties for Java Project’ dialog as shown below.image003
  3. In ‘Java Build Path’->’Libraries’ tab, you will see the ‘JRE System Library’ displayed as shown below.image005
  4. Once you will expand the JRE system library folder, you will find the .jar files as shown below.image007

Note: JAR are Java Archive file build on ZIP file format and includes Java Class files with .jar file extension.


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