How to Use Simple Search and Advance Search Options in Bugzilla?

Simple Search and Advance Search are the two ways using which you can search bugs using Bugzilla.

Simple Search

  1. From the main menu, click ‘Search’.
  2. Click ‘Simple Search’ option.
  3. For the bugs with open status, choose Open and for the bugs with closed status, choose Closed.
  4. Precise your search by choosing the category and component. If required, you can perform keyword based search as well.
  5. Click ‘Search’.Simple Search
  1. In order to find bugs with closed status, choose the status ‘Closed’ and click ‘Search’.Simple Search Closed
  1. Bugs with closed status will appear something like this.Closed Bugs
  1. Bugs with open status will appear something like this.Open Bugs
  1. The tool also provides various options to view the bugs, including XML format, Long format, and Time Summary. Some of the other options, like sending mail, modifying multiple bugs at once, or changing screen column can also be performed.Simple Search Options

Advance Search

  1. Click ‘Advanced Search’ option.
  2. Choose the Summary option to define your search.
  3. Enter the required keyword.
  4. Under Classification, choose your bug category.
  5. Choose from Product and Component options accordingly.
  6. Choose the Status as CONFIRMED and Resolution as FIXED.Confirmed and Fixed
  7. Click ‘Search’ to get the desired bugs.Advanced Search

8. The bugs traced through this Advance Search option will be displayed something like this.Traced Bugs

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