How to Use TextPad Tool to Write and Execute Java Programs?

  1. Install Java JDK file.
  2. Go through some tutorials to understand a simple Java program and its configuration.
  3. Install the TextPad editor tool.
  4. Launch TextPad editor tool.image001
  5. Write a simple Java program using the tool.image002
  6. From the ‘Tools’ menu, go to ‘External Tools’ option and select ‘Compile Java’ option.image003
  7. This will display the ‘Save As’ dialog. Choose Save as type as “All Files and give the File name as “”.

Note: The Class name in the Java program must match the Java file name you are providing; else you will get an error. Click ‘Save’.image004

  1. Repeat Step 6 to compile the saved Java file.
  2. From the ‘Tools’ menu, select ‘External Tools’ option. Select ‘Run Java Application’.image006
  3. Verify the output in the command window as shown below.image007



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