Impact of Website Load in Performance Testing

Performance plays a vital role in getting better customer satisfaction and conversion rate that eventually leads to generating better revenue. There are various ways of determining the scalability of your website where you can easily analyze the challenges related to website and website application performance. Some of the common challenges associated with website performance are mentioned below.

Why Web Application Performance Testing is Important?

In a recent survey around 500 websites and 10000 test results were analyzed and was found that user capacity was overestimated by the websites. Many believed that website response time should be less; however, the average page load speed was much higher, especially in case of e-commerce websites.

There are various factors that needs to be considered while evaluating a website for its performance. In order to get good customer experience you must test the website for durability and scalability along with feeds, content, databases, etc. associated with a page.

Today is a world of emerging technology, where the user expectation is too high. It requires more than a good design. Today’s customer wants exceptional performance irrespective of the location, browser, network, or device.

Best way to do performance testing

There are various ways in which you can effectively and efficiently execute performance testing. Many organizations provide these services where they create load tests that simulates different browsers, networks, and customer behaviors, thus providing a realistic environment for testing.

360logica makes use of open source and commercial tools to execute performance testing. This proves to cost effective and high in standards. We give priority to the client’s requirements and select tools following industry standards based on that. Our performance testing services are also provided through client server and web applications. This allows us to perform load and stress testing on Windows, Linux, and other platforms.

With extensive experience and expertise, we can test and optimize performance at any stage. Our testers work in coordination with clients to better understand their requirements for load, volume, and stress testing. In addition, we work meticulously to provide a complete, on-budget, and on-time solution. We follow a defined strategy according to the specifications. This allows us to trace bugs and ensure that the applications perform consistently. In case there are any bottlenecks related to performance, we consider our experience to incorporate any changes.


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