The Importance of Automated Regression Testing

Automated regression testing tools are designed to handle the new and improved features of Open Source Testing that are added. Today, automated regression testing has become the key to success while hosting and building web applications. Initially, any organization starts with building a web-based application and then grows based on the changing user needs. With growing function, the complexity of the web application increases, so does the need of testing.

It requires a lot of time and resource to do a manual smoke test and regression test in each release to ensure new feature has been implemented without affecting the other features. Initially, the release is tested overall and then the test cases are added to the regression testing list.

This is an ever-increasing process, and might impact the schedule of each new project. The team prioritizes the events focusing more on the new features that reduce the regression testing. This strategy makes the undiscovered defects introduced into existing functionality.

You can manage software as an asset of an organization, and store it in a version controlled system and then deploy as a functional and performance test. However, this comes with a cost. In many cases testing tools are used for test script creation.

Test automation must be justified with a return over time.

Automated Regression Testing Solution

You must follow the following points for a successful automated regression testing.

  1. Take inventory of the workflow in the application
  2. Write test scripts from the workflow
  3. Maintain and control version of test scripts
  4. Automate the test script operation based on the changes
  5. Use the test results as inputs to analyse business risks


The following points can be accomplished by applying the following methodology.



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