The Importance of Grinder in Performing Load Testing

With the advancement in technology and everything going digital, performance testing helps in identifying bottlenecks and improves response time. This helps in recovering from failures overall. Grinder is one of the many open source performance testing tools, which can be used to load test your software effectively and efficiently.

Grinder is a load testing framework based on Java. It caters hassle free distributed test execution using various load injection machines. It uses Jython to create test scripts and then to test applications. In other words, it is an open source testing framework allowing parallel test execution on multiple machines.

Grinder Load Testing: Key Features

  1. It has a generic approach towards load testing anything based on Java API. This includes testing custom protocols, application servers, HTTP web servers, and more.
  2. It follows a flexible scripting approach with test scripts written in powerful Jython and Clojure languages.
  3. It has a distributed framework that allows multiple load injectors with a centralized script editing and distribution.
  4. It automatically manages client connections and cookies.
  5. It uses TCP proxy to record network related activities.
  6. It uses the power of Python and Java API to create test scripts.

Grinders Key Players

There are 4 essential components of the Grinder.


There’s a single agent for each load injector machine. They start the worker processes and if connected to the console they wait for the signal before passing the properties to the worker processes.


Workers execute the load test scripts. The properties that are passed to the workers by the agent is one of the factors that defines the script, number of threads worker will spawn, and the number of times a thread will execute the script.


This is a GUI that controls the Agents and displays the statistics that are reported from Workers.


This is placed the between browser and target server. This can record the browser’s activity to generate scripts that will be executed by the worker processes.

Dynamic Scripting

A dynamic scripting language like Jython (Java implementation of Python) is used to write test scripts. The script language provides the following features.

The powerful scripting avoids the need to write custom plug-ins to extend the Grinder engine.

Installing Grinder

Grinder can be installed on Windows or Linux, depending upon your needs. Installing Grinder on Linux and Windows almost follows the same procedure; however, the difference lies in shell scripts and installation directory. You can use the following steps to install Grinder on Windows.

  1. Download and install Java from Oracle on the machine.
  2. Download Grinder from Sourceforge.
  3. If you are planning to extend the Grinder, then download the binary distribution; else download the source distribution.
  4. Extract the binary file to a suitable location.
  5. Download Jython 2.1.jar class and double click the installer file or run it using –jar option.
  6. Add grinder.jar to the CLASS path.
  7. After installing, you can check it by running the Grinder console.

Creating a Test

You need to have a test to start with performance testing. You can use the Grinder’s proxy option to create a test script. However, you can always write your own script from the beginning. The proxy tool by Grinder can be placed between server and browser. It can also be used as a debugging tool, which can help you in knowing what’s happening at the network level.

360logica supports a variety of client businesses with comprehensive performance testing services which in turn help them succeed, improve and win customer faith. 360logica ensure that all key performance requirements are met, whereas we ensure optimized system performance through our adept load testing approach. It uses a number of open source tools to perform stress testing, volume testing, and SOAK testing.

360logica makes use of commercial and open source tools like Grinder to execute performance testing. This proves to cost effective and high in standards. It gives priority to the client’s requirements and select tools following industry standards based on that. The performance testing services are also provided through client server and web applications. This allows performing load and stress testing on Windows, Linux, and other platforms.

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