The Importance of Windows 10 for Testers

The Importance of Windows 10 for Testers

With the revelation of Windows 10, the latest operating system from Microsoft, the company is looking forward to gaining its  notoriety, which otherwise seemed to be lost with the Windows 8. By making Windows 10 adapted to run on devices like mobiles and tablets, Microsoft is all set to enter a new era. Windows 10 promises to provide some of the top features and best user experience. However, such features might throw a new challenge to test the applications based on the latest version. Let us quickly analyze some of the elite features significant to testing.

Single platform across multiple devices

The flexibility of Windows 10 OS lies in its compatibility across multiple platforms, including Windows, Windows Phone, and Xbox. Testing across multiple devices could become significantly easier and time-saving by re-using the test cases.

Project Spartan

Project Spartan is supposed to be the contemporary web browser for Windows 10. However, it would be critical to test the existing websites with the all-new rendering engine provided by the browser. The browser provides other noted features, making reading and writing easy for the users. In addition, the browser allows you to take notes, add annotations, and removes unwanted mess from the page, providing a seamless reading experience just like an e-book.

With Project Spartan all set to become a popular web browser, content rich websites need to complement it by backing this elite feature. By synchronizing the saved reading list across multiple devices, you can ensure reading the saved pages in an offline mode.

Continuum Mode

Using the new ‘Continuum Mode’ feature you can switch between a PC and a notebook. You can use the gestures to interact with the touchscreen to get the notebook’s experience. However, you can attach the keyboard and use it as a desktop as well. On any of such devices supporting Windows 10, the applications must provide the same level of interface to interact with. Activities like the mouse controls and touchscreen movements also need to be handled precisely. While performing automated testing, you need to record and replicate the gestures on multiple devices identically.

The Cortana API

Cortana API is the virtual aide holographic technology by Microsoft. By integrating it with desktop, users can communicate effectively with the desktop based applications using the voice commands. In addition, it can be used to draft mails, check the weather forecast, and more, as demonstrated by the corporate VP at Microsoft, Joe Belfiore.  Moreover, you can use voice to get quick search results by integrating Cortana with the ‘Project Spartan’ web browser. In order to get correct response and behavior, the company is releasing a number of APIs like DirectX 12. This is vital for Windows 10 based applications.


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