Improving the Maintainability of Automated Tests

There are varied organizations facing problem to maintain unreliable automated tests because it is troublesome and time consuming. So, we require changing these low-quality tests into reliable, trustworthy and easy to maintain tests which will underlies software changes.

The need to change tests comes from two directions: changes in requirements and changes in the system’s implementation. Either kind of change can break any number of automated tests. If the tests become out of sync with either the requirements or the implementation, people stop running the tests or stop trusting the results. To get the tests back in sync, we must change the tests to adapt the new requirements or the new implementation.

Some important aspects are given here which is to be considered while designing the automated tests. It is a kind of advance warning of a situation that might end up in if we don’t apply good test automation practices from the outset.

Here are few basic topics to be considered:

If the suggestions given above are to be followed properly then it is possible that test automation becomes more maintainable.


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