IoT Interoperability Testing

The essence of the Internet of Things (IoT) lies in the connection between people, processes, and things. However, it covers a vast area including all industries and consumers. The main challenge remains to ensure a hassle free interoperability between each connection.

Going by the definition, interoperability is required by the IoT system to get the full potential through seamless programmability. In order to ensure this, there needs to be a standard to connect diverse platforms irrespective of their manufacturer and industry. The vision is to have connectivity between people and processes. However, in reality IoT still lacks interoperability and is fragmented. Some of the concerns related to this, include the following.

Adding to the existing challenges, technology giants like Google, Apple, Microsoft, etc. have to create interoperability. However, companies like Google and Apple have their own Internet of Things and therefore the challenge to some extent is underscored. These companies are creating a vertical stack of products instead of creating horizontal infrastructure, thus making it more fragmented.

Mass customization of IoT still remains a challenge, as many new vendors still look for interoperability. Though many things can interact, interoperability still remains a challenge, especially in the early phase, which remains chunky.

With more open-source frameworks in development, more and more companies are emerging to enable interoperability. However, there needs to be a proper IoT interoperability testing to ensure the seamless function of the IoT system. The following scenarios are tested using interoperability testing.

Interoperability Testing Characteristics    

You need to develop interoperability tests before the test begin. You need to follow the below procedure.

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