Key Challenges and Approach for Testing SAAS Products

SaaS is a software delivery model, where the software is made available to the end customers over the Internet. The software vendor hosts the software for the customer, without the customer having to build up a hardware or software environment at their end.

  1. Multi-platform support: We use a combination of physical and virtual machines to make sure PractiTest users can work on Windows, Mac and Linux; and also on the IE, Firefox, Chrome and Safari Browsers.
  2. Functional testing in respect to Different Time Zones mainly for the date operations.
  3. Verify the UI supports the Big naming conventions because normally company names are preceded with everything in such environment.
  4. Security of the Data: Data of one organization shall not be visible to another one in any case. This shall be a very well developed feature in SaaS applications.
  5. Customization testing/Integration testing shall be done because each customer might want to have some different look and feel of the UI as per their need.
  6. If product supports multiple languages then usage of multiple language at the same time shall be supported.
  7. Backwards compatibility and Leveraging Real Data into the Testing Process.
  8. Scalability testing shall be done or there shall be a document ready which can help a end user to do capacity planning. This can be achieved if only you have performance results on your hand.

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