Key Characteristics of Testing Financial Applications

With customers getting better educated and concerned towards their financial options, banking applications are becoming more useful than before. Slowly, more users are getting familiar with the functionality of bank applications, in the form of net banking. Over the years, banking applications have become more secure and have helped to improve customer’s lifestyle significantly. In order to maintain the efficient working of application, it must be thoroughly tested in multiple stages. However, the following points must be kept in mind while testing financial applications.


  1. Security Testing

Banking/ Financial platforms are one the most secure platforms. The importance of security cannot be ignored in these areas. Any security breach or revealing customer’s data can result in loss of customer’s confidence as well as monetary losses. While performing security testing you must also consider application compliance            with the concerned authorities.


  1. Domain Expertise

Today, you can find more innovation in the finance domain because of the rapid rise in digital technology in this space. It requires a certain level of expertise across every level, whether developer or tester to work with such applications.


  1. Functional Testing

One must understand the internal workings before testing the application’s functionality. In addition, an understanding of the banking workflow is equally important. The business scenarios can help in creating test cases, which are then reviewed and executed. A comprehensive functional testing includes system integration testing, regression testing, and user acceptance testing.


  1. Integration

Often the bank applications are associated with third-party payment gateways. It is important to keep the application behavior constant throughout, irrespective of the payment gateways.


  1. Diverse Devices

There are various devices with different versions. With each application update, testing must be done to ensure its smooth working in accordance with the device in use. Application functionality must be tested across common mobile devices and corresponding OS.


  1. Performance Engineering

The ease of using bank applications is encouraging more users to use mobile banking platform. There can be a situation where multiple users are performing some or the other activities at the same time. This can impact the performance because of the heavy loads. Since most of the tasks happen in real-time, it is important to ensure efficiency of the application.

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