Key Driven Automation testing

Key Driven Automation testing
The way software industry moved from manual testing to test automation, it is now moving towards Business Process Automation. Business Process Automation works towards making automation frameworks more and more meaningful to the Functional Subject Matter Experts by involving them in Test Automation as much as possible thereby making Test Automation business driven. To keep pace with the latest trends in the industry and to have an edge over its competitors, it is important for a testing organization to adapt itself to this new approach. One tool which is in line with this approach is Mercury’s Business Process Testing. Being Industry’s first web based test design solution; BPT is one step further to the Keyword Driven Test Automation approach.
For any Software Testing Organization, moving to a new tool like BPT is a big step. For it to justify this big step, it is important for the organization to have successfully implemented the Keyword Driven Test Automation Approach. This is because, it is easy for a project to implement BPT if it is already following keyword driven approach than for a project which is not. One of the benefits of using this approach is the automation effort saved due to re-usability of the keyword components across different applications. This benefit is realized when the extent of re-usability is high. This is possible when the type (eg. Web, VB, SAP, Delphi etc) is common across applications to be automated, because keyword components built with a particular QTP/WinRunner Add-in can be reused only with applications that can work with that Add-in.
Today, most organizations are developing web based application as against client server or mainframe applications. In some instances, organizations are converting their applications from legacy systems to web. Considering all this, it makes business sense for Testing Organizations to go for Keyword Driven Test Automation Framework for Web-based applications. 

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