Key Element of Data Migration Testing and What are Challenges

Before we talk about the challenges in data migration testing, it becomes extremely important to know what exactly is data migration. It is essentially a process of transferring or moving data from one database to another database. To ensure that the data is moved in an efficient manner without compromising on the quality i.e. structure of a software remains intact or same is called data migration testing.

Elements of Data Migration Testing

There are some of the prominent elements of data migration testing that must be taken care off in an efficient manner. These are as follows:

Challenges in Data Migration Testing

Moving of data from one database to another is quite a challenging task. Data migration becomes complex when hundreds of millions of database records are required to be moved. This leads to complexity in the migration, which in turn leads to unnecessary delays and massive headache for the data migration testing team. There are various other prominent data migration challenges that must be taken into the consideration:

CHALLENGE 1: Data Mapping

Data mapping becomes quite a tough task when lots of data has to be moved. It is to ensured that all the data is mapped in a well-planned manner to ensure that the software works fine when it is moved into another database or system. For this purpose, it is important study the source as well as the structure of the database.

CHALLENGE 2: Data Loss

It is one of the most important challenges that most of the companies face during data migration testing. Any kind of data loss or corruption during the process of data migration can prove to be catastrophic for an organization. In order to take care of this problem in an efficient manner, following two strategies can be adopted:

CHALLENGE 3: Testing and Validating Data

Quality Assurance during the process of data migration is an absolute necessity. It is to be ensured that all the fields or desirable components are working flawlessly as any error can prove to timely fatal for a company. For this purpose, it is important to test and validate a large volume of data quite early and regularly as possible. It is vital during the migration phase that the testing of the quality assurance testing must be done on the continuous basis to ensure data quality.

Hence, it is important to understand that the process of data migration is not a very easy task as it seems to be in the first place. It is a quite a challenging process that requires meticulous planning. It is imperative to address all the challenges or issues in a timely manner.


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