Know about scriptless test automation and its benefits

In the current scenario, the agile software development methodology has reduced the time for the software development cycle from months to days. To bolster such speed, it is essential that quality assurance (QA) testing should be performed concurrently with development even before writing the first line of software code. It has made QA indispensable.

Test automation has evolved into two important aspects. (a) QA engineer writes test scripts and maintain them accordingly. (b) test scripts are created with the help of test framework either by recording user activity or with the assistance of keyword designs that turn out to be a meta test language, allowing the script structure to be differentiated from the content. It is called scriptless test automation.

In a layman language, scriptless test automation allows users to automate their tests without worrying about coding as the coding is largely taken care of by the scriptless automation tool. It gives faster results and curtails the time spent in understanding the code.

Let’s have a look at the benefits of scriptless test automation:

By using scriptless test automation, it becomes easy for the testing team to automate large test suites at a fast rate. The delivery speed gets increased, which becomes boon when there are major software launches in the market. Further, it curtails time spent on automation. It ensures bugs detection at the initial phases of the software development lifecycle.

Scriptless test automation is a hassle-free way of implementing automated testing. It also encourages easy maintenance of scriptless test suites. In the lifespan of any software, maintenance phase is the longest time and the critical stage. By using scriptless test automation, it becomes easy to make changes in test suites, if any. It promotes agility and improves response time.

Usually, companies need to hire costly resources and then spend a lot on their training. However, by going scriptless, it becomes easy to save money and time, which otherwise would have been spent on training sessions of automation experts. Manual testers can also use scriptless test automation.

Automating testing becomes efficient as it is not tool dependent. There is no need for specific professionals for selenium. Backed with scriptless automation, manual testers can build scripts through objects and actions. All tool complexities can be hidden under well-executed scriptless tools.

Integrating smarter framework design upfront can play a crucial role in eliminating future costs that may arise from augmented script maintenance effort. As a result, technical obligations which are associated with scripts do not arise.

It is daunting for non-technical people to learn coding, especially subject matter experts, business analyst. Such people avoid commenting on the automated testing atmosphere due to complex coding. However, with the help of scriptless automation testing, they can participate in different testing automation approach and strategies. It plays a crucial role in bridging the gap between technical automation knowledge and domain expertise.

Moreover, it ensures the repetitive testing of the product which helps in curtailing the chances of software malfunctioning on launch.


Scriptless automation has created a stir in the industry by expediting automation and making it more usable. It is a wonderful testing approach that offers a galore of benefits like cost saving, high quality, etc.

It makes automation easier and helps stakeholders to focus on things which are relevant. Testers can focus on their key goals, instead of merely developing a framework. Overall, it expedites testing.

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