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With the burgeoning demand for resources and increasing costs in the smooth running of enterprise applications, the enterprise applications testing has become daunting. It has also increased the overall IT costs. However, thanks to the test factory model, it is feasible to address this issue.

If a company is planning to implement the test factory model, it can take the help of those vendors who possess expertise in testing enterprise application in an efficient and cost-effective manner. Similarly, such type of model ensures the hassle-free operation of the day-to-day operations of the organisation.

Over the years, it has been observed that traditional testing approaches have not fulfilled various business and technical needs. They have also failed to combat challenges. Usually, maintaining a static internal testing group is of little value when testing and skill requirements are dynamic in nature. Though staff augmentation can be used as a powerful testing approach, it is costly to manage. Here test factory model plays a crucial role in generating the customer value.

Benefits of the test factory model

A successful test factory model makes use of well-defined software testing organizational model, which helps in clearly outlining the organizational structure, different roles, technicalities of the process, etc. All these factors play an imperative role in formulating a viable software testing process. Similarly, an immature software testing methodology can turn into a discouraging atmosphere, which means, inferior quality software testing and substandard software product.

It is useful for the organisations providing software testing services to adopt the QA test factory model, which would help them in improving their software testing capabilities in an efficient way.

Some of the tasks that come under test factory:

Following are some of the activities that come under test factory:

A software testing company should pave focus on implementing a well-defined test factory model, which would help them in the better management of outsourced software testing activities.

Over the years, many software organisations have been focusing on curtailing costs by outsourcing their software testing work to reputed software entities that are using robust test factory models. By implementing a test factory model, one can improve software and also make huge savings.

How 360Logica can help?

With over 10 years of extensive testing expertise as an independent testing vendor, we have gathered an expertise in multiple domains. 360Logica has evolved as a leader in the testing arena. Based out of premier locations in India and the United States, we boast extensive R&D, skilled manpower, world-class infrastructure and advanced technology in testing.

We offer Independent testing services in all areas such as end-to-end web application testing services, development of complete test automation framework, complete test management and specialized software product testing. Our robust test management process and effective QA services minimize risks and maximize the resourcefulness of our customers.

We understand that major aims setting up a Test Factory is to enable an effective and efficient quality assurance, easy procurement of services, and to standardize activities, tools, process and governance. 360logia aims to provide full range of quality assurance services as a Test Factory. Get in touch with us to know more about our Test Factory services.


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