Know all about penetration testing

Penetration testing also called pen test, involves the simulated cyber-attack against the computer to detect any vulnerabilities. If we talk about web application security, penetration testing is more commonly used for augmenting a web application firewall.

Penetration testing methodology covers the attempted breaching of application systems in order to find out vulnerabilities, that are more susceptible to code injection attacks.

Why penetration testing?

Penetration testing is crucial for an enterprise due to the following reasons:

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Different stages of penetration testing

The entire penetration testing methodology can be divided under the following heads:

The entire information is carefully scrutinised and analysed by security personnel while configuring various application security solutions of the enterprise to provide safety against future attacks.

Different penetration testing methods

It is necessary that testers should act like a real hacker to find potential vulnerabilities. A penetration test methodology is effective if there is a clearly implemented security policy.


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  1. Nice read. Globally, concerns over confidentiality of data has raised rapidly in the resent time. Organisations are paying more attention towards security testing which is healthy sign for the industry.

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