Know All About System Integration Testing

System Integration Testing (SIT) is the overall testing of the whole system, which is composed of many sub-systems. The main objective of SIT is to ensure that all software module dependencies function properly and the data integrity is preserved between distinct modules of the whole system.

System integration testing is a type of software testing which is performed in an integrated hardware and software atmosphere to comprehend the behaviour of the complete system. It is a testing which is performed to analyse the system’s complete compliance with its specified needs.

Usually, system integration testing is done in order to verify the interactions which happen between modules of software.

System integration testing also verifies a software’s coexistence with others and usually tests the interface between different modules of software application. Under this, modules are tested first individually and then they are clubbed to form a system.

Why should you do system integration testing?

System integration testing is useful in detecting bugs at an early stage. Once found, software is sent back to the development team. It helps in saving time and cost of rectifying it at a later stage.

With the help of system integration testing, it is feasible to get an early opinion on the module acceptability in the system.

It helps in exposing those bugs which can take place during the interaction of integrated components.

Various modules are there in a system and it is daunting to do unit testing of all the modules individually. Moreover, even if each unit is tested individually, the chances are high that it can fail to perform when integrated as a whole. Therefore, there is a need for system integration testing to uncover and fix bugs before sending them to the user.

Usually, most of the testing life cycles depend on end-to-end testing. Though, it is crucial to have end-to-end testing; it is also important to have system integration testing in the software testing life span.

Let’s have a look at different approaches for doing system integration testing:

System testing Vs. System integration testing

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