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Localization testing is a part of software testing process focused on internationalization and localization aspects of software. Localization is the process of adapting a globalized application to a particular culture/locale. Localizing an application requires a basic understanding of the character sets typically used in modern software development and an understanding of the issues associated with them.

Localization includes the translation of the application user interface and adapting graphics for a specific culture/locale. The localization process can also include translating any help content associated with the application.

360logica helps you deliver the highest-quality products to world markets. We combine a unique set of technical and language capabilities to deliver efficient localization testing.

From preparing your solutions for localization through post-localization validation, we support products during all stages of the development cycle.

With experienced engineers and a large global presence, 360logica employs readily-available experts in language, culture, and localization functionality.

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Leveraging the existing vast development and testing product knowledge experience in either Retro-Fitting or New development so as to make your product ready for global markets. We offer:

Our services cater to all the Industry sectors such as Technology – Software Products, Mobile, Telecom, Manufacturing, Consumer, Finance, ERP, CRM, e-learning applications.


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