How to Make Software Testing Interesting

How to Make Software Testing Interesting

Software testers are considered a few of the craziest people on this planet. Their job is no different from bashing the hammer in the nails. The idea of doing the same thing over and over again possesses a lot of threats. For example, in the case of hammering the nails, a miss or a bad hit can bend the nail or hurt the person. In the same way, testing is often considered a dangerous profession. There are many who consider it as boring and few as funny. Boring as it does not bring any creativity in the work and funny as it often requires you to do things differently. The perception of the nature of software testing job is worse than it looks. You can find a number of people who consider testers as autonomous robots whose work is to just follow the pre-defined scripts. But, wait!

From a tester’s perspective thing can be made better. It requires a different approach and thinking out of the box. By doing things differently, software testing can be made interesting.

Play rather than work

Yes. Play!

For some of you it might sound quite interesting. Software testers are often identified as the ones who adhere to all rules and laws. Following procedures, structures, and workflows are something that is there in their genes. However, in the process of abiding by all instructions they often make things boring, which can be otherwise done with a little fun. Doing things differently with a little twist and a tweak do not necessarily reduce efficiency or effectiveness. It just adds a different flavor to the things that you have been doing. In addition, it adds creativity and creates an opportunity for others to embrace the innovative ideas introduced by you. In the case of software testing, playing with a new application allows you to be more imaginative.

Do anything you like

Sitting idle or copying others are not the attitude of a brave tester. A brave tester often succeeds as he takes chances and bring creativeness in his work. This increases the possibility of discovering a bug. Creativeness is not always linked to an individual. A team can take ideas from each individual and put them together to achieve something extraordinary.

Toss out negativity

Not all test cases end with bugs or errors. Such cases are often considered of no use. Keeping or using such cases can bring negativity in the testers mind. A better idea would be to start from scratch. Cleaning your desk, restarting your monitor, or beginning fresh the next day could prove quite helpful.

Keep away from splendid thoughts

Overindulging in something or giving more time than required is not a great idea to deal with testing. If something is not working at any point, it’s better to leave it for the time being. You can note it down and come back later. A piece of paper would work better than a computer folder, as it would reflect the importance of the noted idea.

The points discussed above do not apply just on software testing. The tips might help with other things you do in our day to day life.


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