MetaAutomation: A New Pattern to Accelerate Test Automation

MetaAutomation_A New Pattern to Accelerate Test AutomationMetaAutomation caters the need to boost the value of automation results and minimizes the automation failures. In addition, it ensures quality measurements and improvements along with the reduction in automation fixing cost.

Metaphoric View

MetaAutomation provides a conceptual way of creating strong communications value of a software team. There are various factors that hinder the way for MetaAutomation.

 All of the above-mentioned points are risky and closes the door for MetaAutomation. Automated verification is relatively more powerful than other patterns and practices, and helps in opening the door for MetaAutomation.

Technical View

The pattern that is least dependent of MetaAutomation is Automatic check. It specifies and bound the following things together.

The third point is the most fundamental, as the artifacts are more precise and accurate. This radically different behavior allows doing more powerful things with little details. For example, you can analyze product behavior in the entire software development life cycle.

If combined with the first two points, it can help in delivering quality value to the entire team. This is possible by enabling the related pattern of MetaAutomation to work.

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