Mobile App Performance Testing Strategy

Performance is one of the key aspects of any mobile application. End users tend to uninstall the application if it is not performing as per the expectation. Therefore it is vital to test any application before releasing it to the end user.

There are mainly three categories to measure the performance of an application on any of the device.

Device Performance

For any application, you must check the following parameters:


Server/API Performance

Response time is very critical, especially when the applications are interacting with the server via API.

Network Performances

There are different network conditions, so the performance of applications under different networks must be measured. Following are the parameters that need to be measured.

With extensive experience and expertise, we can test and optimize performance at any stage. Our testers work in coordination with clients to better understand their requirements for load, volume, and stress testing. In addition, we work meticulously to provide a complete, on-budget, and on-time solution. We follow a defined strategy according to the specifications. This allows us to trace bugs and ensure that the applications perform consistently. In case there are any bottlenecks related to performance, we consider our experience to incorporate any changes.

360logica makes use of open source and commercial tools to execute performance testing. This proves to cost-effective and high standards. We give priority to the client’s requirements and select tools following industry standards based on that. Our performance testing services are also provided through client-server and web applications. This allows us to perform load and stress testing on Windows, Linux, and other platforms.


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