Mobile Application Testing Framework

Mobile application testing framework caters the need to execute automated tests. It is basically a testing automation framework or an overall system in which the tests get executed and consists of various concepts, assumptions, and practices that builds a platform.

The main idea for building a testing framework is:


A good mobile application testing framework allows you to build test cases on top of the framework. However, this remains separated from the operating system. Basically, there are two types of mobile application automation framework.


Android Testing Framework

There are various android testing frameworks available, including these top 5.


  1. Robotium: It is an open-source framework similar to Selenium for creating test scenarios.


  1. UIAutomator: This is an advanced testing framework by Google that provides enhanced UI testing through its execution engine with Java libraries.


  1. Appium: It is also an open-source framework used for testing native and hybrid apps. Here, the Appium library communicates with the Appium server within the framework.


  1. Calabash: This is one of the simplest framework that can be used for both Android and iOS functional testing.


  1. Selendroid: It is a comparatively new framework that is used to test functionality of android based applications.

iOS Testing Framework

As there are various android testing frameworks, iOS testing frameworks are also available in numbers. The top 5 testing frameworks are discussed below.


  1. Appium: It is an open-source framework used for testing native and hybrid apps. Here, the Appium library communicates with the Appium server within the framework.


  1. Calabash: This functional automation framework can be used for both android and iOS based functional testing.


  1. Zucchini: It is an open-source framework based on Apple UIAutomation.


  1. UI Automation: UI automation is used for typical functional tests where code simulates the end use behaviour.


  1. FRANK-BDD: Frank helps you to create acceptance tests for end-to-end testing in iOS.


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The demand for automated functional testing framework, based on selection and effective utilization of the most appropriate open source testing tool, has been on the surge thanks to growing concern for saving time and cost on Application Development and Testing. Our focused approach to functional testing and Selenium automation framework helps clients keep date with their tight schedule. We thoroughly examine core areas of automated software testing, including assumptions, concepts, and practices, and ensure the most-up-to-date automation solution for customers.


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