Mozilla to Boost Browsing Privacy by Testing New Firefox Feature

Mozilla to Boost Browsing Privacy by Testing New Firefox FeatureWith the increasing dependency on the Internet, there are many companies trying to ensure the maximum benefit out of it. Mozilla is one of those companies that involve global communities of people to develop world-class open source software. However, the company is better known for its Firefox web browser.

Over the years, Firefox has been a fast, light, and secured web browser. However, with the growing security challenges, Mozilla is planning to boost the users browsing privacy. According to the latest updates, Mozilla has started testing a new feature that will block tracking of web-activities. This will bar most of the ad networks and analytic companies to track anything online.

According to a recently shared blog post, Mozilla informed that the new feature is in pre-Beta stage and could be filled with bugs. However, Windows, Linux, and Mac owners can avail the new feature for the Developer Edition of Firefox. In addition, Mozilla also confirmed the availability of the feature for Android based Smartphones.

Firefox users can easily test the new feature, as they will have the choice of blocking and unblocking websites of their choice. In this way, they can control the security concerns while browsing any website. In addition, the most remarkable feature of the beta version is the ability to identify any possibility of malware or security related issues. You can make use of certain extensions and add-ons supported by Firefox to detect security threats.

There are many competitors of Firefox including Safari and Chrome, who are already helping users through extensions and settings to block tracking and advertisements. However, Firefox is unique in this approach, as the new feature will run within the browser instead as an add-on.

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