Now Reduce Your Efforts With Cross Browser Testing Tools

With the continuous evolvement of diverse browsers, there lies a serious challenge for testing teams to provide compatibility testing on different browsers. With various browsers, there are many test cases that need to be run, which eventually increases the overall testing cost. The situation becomes more complex and challenging when there is no verification phase or there is a lack of a proficient individual in the team.

However, with the presence of a number of cross-browser compatible testing tools in the market, you can heave a sigh of relief. While at work, you can make use of any of the free tools available; however, there are as many paid tools that can be used depending upon the situation, especially when you have specific requirements.

Some of the cross-browser testing tools that can be extremely useful are discussed below.

Microsoft Super Preview: You can use this free tool to test Web pages on different versions of Internet Explorer. The tool can be easily downloaded from the Microsoft website and can also be used to debug and test the design issues.

IE Tab: It is considered one of the best freely available tools at present. The tool can be used as an add-on on browsers like Chrome and Firefox. The lucid interface allows you to get the look and feel of the Web page on other browsers like Internet Explorer from within Firefox and Chrome.

Browsershots: The tool makes use of different platforms and browsers to test a given application. However, it requires some time to display the results because of multiple browsers and platform combinations.

Spoon Browser Sandbox: It provides the interface of some common browsers like Chrome, Firefox, and Opera, to test the web application. However, it no longer supports Internet Explorer.

BrowserCam: This paid testing tool comes with a trial version that can be sued for 24 hours with a 200 screen limit. In order to use the complete feature of the tool, you need to purchase it.

IE Tester: The enables you to check Web page compatibility in different versions of IE installed on platforms like Windows XP, 7, and Vista.

Cloud Testing: This is another helpful tool to check application’s browser compatibility. Some of the most popular browsers like IE, Firefox, Opera, and Chrome are supported by this tool.

Cross Browser Testing: The features like Flash, Ajax, and JavaScript can be easily tested on the website on various browsers. However, the tool is available free for just one week.

These are a few tools that can be tried for testing. In addition, there are many other tools like Browsera, Adobe Browser Lab, etc. that can be used. In order to make the best use of these tools, you need to spend some time to research on these tools.


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