Open Source Web Testing Tools: Usage and Purpose

There are a number of open source tools available for testing web applications. This will help in identifying the error/bugs before the website is live. Such testing tools are easily available to the testers. Some of the most common tools are mentioned below.


JMeter is the most common tool for testing load and performance of an application. This is a pure Java based desktop application that can be used on both dynamic and static resources like Java objects, Perl scripts, FTP servers, etc. to test the performance. It can use different loads to analyze the overall performance using the simulation technique.


It is a Java based load testing framework to run a distributed test using various load injector machines. It easily tests Java API, including HTTP web servers, SOAP, and REST web services.

Multi Mechanize

Multi mechanize is a web performance and load testing framework where you can run python scripts simultaneously to generate load against a web service. Here, the virtual user activity is simulated by creating test scripts.


Selenium is a web application testing tool compromising Selenium IDE, Selenium RC, and Selenium Grid. Selenium IDE can be implemented as a Firefox extension to edit, record, and debug tests, and is part of the development environment for Selenium scripts.


It is an acceptance test framework for web applications that simplify the process of integration testing Rails, Sinatra, and other Rack applications. Capybara simulates the interaction of a web application with a real user.


OpenSTA is designed around CORBA to perform scripted HTTP and HTTPs load tests with performance measurement. There are various automatic and manual mechanisms that run the tests to collect results and statistics.


Performance and Scalability testing of a web application can be well tested using Pylot. It generated concurrent HTTP requests and performs testing that is useful for analysis and system optimization. You can use a GUI or shell console to execute and monitor test suites.


WebLoad can be used as an alternative to LoadRunner. It can be used of ISVs and SIs where there is a need to generate load into the application.


It helps in writing robust acceptance tests for a Ruby web application. It supports framework like, Rails, Merb, Sinatra, etc.


Windmill is a web testing tool to automate and debug web application. You can use the inbuilt shell to communicate with the server and test recorder for cross-browser testing.

Open source performance testing has been much in demand because of its low cost. Open source automation tools for testing are used for load tests, standardization, and development acceleration. Easy availability of automated testing open source tools have almost upstaged their commercial counterparts, and open source testing software that comes with competitive features and without licensing costs provide a proficient way to test the performance of applications in a real environment.

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