Why Should Organizations Stop Hiring Testers?

There are various scenarios where you can see the demand for software testers, considering the fact that the Quality Engineering being a key function is expected to boom. However, there are cases where they are asked to leave. In fact, you can find companies who get rid of the QA department first, if they have to do cost cutting. In of the most recent and famous incident, one of the top start-up company made the decision to exclude testers and put their belief in developers that they could test. This could be a nightmare for any passionate tester in the industry.

For any organization that is willing to hire a QA/ testing team, must have a career path for them. Moreover, with the lack of innovation in this space, it is likely to kill the career of most of the testers. However, outsourcing the QA also doesn’t guarantee success all the time.

Quality assurance or testing team is one of the key team, who are responsible for raising risk related issues. You can either call it Agile or DevOps, which requires someone to act like a mirror. In reality, most testers fail to speak and act as mirrors. Testers need to understand that a mirror is still a mirror, even if it’s broken into 10 pieces. The industry has already created a lot of mess and need to take some decisive step.

Now, considering the amount of time and money business spends for software testing, outsourcing is something every development team will need to consider at some point. By outsourcing the QA efforts, organization can focus more on its core business.




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