How to Overcome Automation Challenges with Codeless Automation?

Automation testing plays a key role in expediting the testing process and eliminating the shortcomings in manual testing. However, automating a large test suite is quite a hectic task as it requires a lot of time and effort.

There are many conventional testing tools that depend upon code and scenarios to automate test scenarios, thus making automation a challenging and time-consuming task. However, with the latest testing tools becoming codeless, this is going to change.

Why Codeless Automation?

Testers have slowly started realising on codeless test automation because of many reasons. Some of them are mentioned below.

Codeless Test Automation: How it Works?

To automate a code, you just need to pick a few boxes and make a flow using a loop and save it. You need not have to write lines of code. For example, you can just record step after step for test automation and play it back when required and run the test case. So, a tester can generate scripts with just functional knowledge. However, there is a lot of coding behind this.

Codeless automation testing tools make it easier for testers by providing them a user-friendly GUI to interact with. In most cases codeless testing tools add a layer of abstraction to hide code from testers interface.

Is Codeless Automation really Codeless?

This could be a controversial topic, if you rely on the fact that most of the automated testing tools claiming to generate codeless scripts depends on basic programs to test a scenario. However, you need not have extensive coding skills to create or modify this test script.

Moreover, you also need not have any language specific training to test case or change recorded test scripts. However, you can just learn a tool to automate a test case. You can go through the user manual provided with the testing tools to learn about the tool.

What Will Happen with the Code?

So, is it possible to get away with the codes during the testing phase? With the advancement of technology and use of the latest codeless tools, testers cannot view, create, or modify the codes that are used to run a test case. With the use of advanced technology, it is even possible to eliminate the complete code and use instructions that can be fed into the system in a codeless package.

Codeless Automation Testing: Benefits


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