What is Pen-Testing and How Often Should it be Performed?

Penetration Testing or pen-testing exploit the vulnerabilities of an IT infrastructure to evaluate the overall security. The vulnerabilities can exist anywhere, including operating systems, configurations, user behaviour, etc. Once a particular system is exploited with vulnerabilities, testers use the exploited system to further exploit it. The basic purpose of penetration testing is to measure the system’s feasibility.

Security Penetration Testing: Benefits

Some of the many benefits of penetration testing include the following:


By getting detailed information on actual and expected threats, you can identify critical vulnerabilities. This would allow you to prioritize the remediation and manage things more effectively.



It could cost millions while recovering from security breaches, customer protection and other activities.



It allows organizations to evaluate basic compliance aspects of the regulations. This helps the organization to maintain required security control to auditors and avoid hefty fines.



Any compromised data could lead to negative image and loose customer trust. Penetration testing helps to overcome any activities that can put organization reputation at stake.

Web Penetration Testing: Types

Web application penetration testing is of different types, including the following:


Comprehensive penetration testing replicates the intruder seeking an access to sensitive information by exploiting loopholes existing across the system.



In application penetration testing, your custom web application as well as standard application like antivirus, games, system application, and other embedded applications is tested.



Wireless penetration testing involves security tests of any standard corporate Wifi networks.

How Frequently Should You Perform Penetration Test?

In order to ensure more consistent and secured IT network, penetration testing should be performed on a regular basis. A penetration tester helps in identifying new threats and vulnerabilities. In addition to regular analysis and assessment, test should be run whenever:

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