How to Perform Payment Gateway Integration Testing?

A payment gateway system is used to approve online payments while making any purchases. Payment gateways protect sensitive information related to payment cards, like credit and debit card by encrypting them. The information remains just between the customer and the seller.

With the advancement in technology we have seen many advanced payment gateways, which involve approving payments through debit cards, cash cards, reward points, and more.

Payment Gateway Types

Payment Gateway System: Testing Types

Testing types for payment gateway system should include the following:

Payment Gateway Testing: Test Preparation

You need to do the following before you begin testing.

  1. Gather proper data for the dummy cards, including visa, master, etc.
  2. Gather payment gateway information, like PayPal.
  3. Gather error codes related to the payment gateway.
  4. Know the parameters that are passed through the payment gateway.
  5. Know the information that are passed through query string.
  6. Check the language of the payment gateway and the application.



Sample Test Cases


You can consider the following sample test cases for payment gateway testing.


  1. Change the language of the payment gateway during the payment process.
  2. Check whether the important components are retrieved or not after the payment.
  3. Check the response if the payment gateway stops responding.
  4. Check what happens in the back end and if the session ends.
  5. Check what happens if the payment fails.
  6. Check if the database stores the card details or not.
  7. Check the errors during the payment process.
  8. Check the response after turning the pop up blocker on and off.
  9. Check the buffer page between the payment gateway and application.
  10. Check what happens after successful payment.
  11. Verify the transaction process.
  12. Check the messages and verify it after successful payment process.
  13. Check the currency format of the payment.
  14. Check if the payment option opens the respective payment gateway after selection.
  15. Verify the default debit card option.

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