Performance Testing Bottlenecks and Challenges

In the age of advancing technologies, performance plays a key role in the success of an application. With the advancement in mobile applications, there is a growing competition in the market and performance has a huge impact on the reliability of the applications. Therefore, there is a growing need for performance testing with proper planning and execution.Performance Testing


There needs to be conscientious planning and structured execution before releasing a software application.

Testing Tools and Environment

Performance testing requires you to test application under realistic scenarios. However, most of the times the organizations don’t have the environment or budget to conduct the tests. The ideal way to conduct performance testing is to create a replica of the production environment. But, the challenge lies in getting the accurate result with limited resource and varying scenarios. For example, creating a scenario where thousands of users log into the system at the same time is difficult.

There is lots of consideration before going ahead with the performance testing. They include:

Test Coverage

It requires immense talent to cover all the functionalities while conducting performance testing. However, the scenarios must be exhibitive of various parameters. One can try automating key functionalities by gathering many scenarios. User data must be estimated properly, as there would be many users using the system in their own context.

Note: You can provide different sets of data (Small, large, Numeric, Words, etc.) to get varying results

Non-Functional Requirements

Both functional and non-functional requirements are equally important for performance test. Functional requirements are more specific and include input data types, algorithms, and functionality to be covered. The challenge lies in identifying less specific non-functional requirements. They include stability, capacity, usability, responsiveness, and interoperability.

Performance Test Analysis

Analyzing the performance test results is the most challenging and key task in performance testing. It requires you to have detailed knowledge and good judgment to analyze reports and tools. Moreover, you need to regularly update the tests based on the situation.


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